Recently, we created spring in wintertime.
We produced all necessary assets for three commercials, print, online, SocialMedia and editorial in just one perfectly scheduled shooting day.
Together with our experienced 3D artists, we surrounded three studio sets with thrilling weather conditions and beautiful summer atmosphere.

2021: „If then“

With home 24, all dreams and ideas for a home can come true – even the very special ones.
We staged this message with four lovely and very detailed designed sets and produced a fully integrated campaign.

2020: „Holmes“

home24 gave us the chance to produce our first premium cat content.
Together with creative conceptionist Lisa Reissner, we introduced „Holmes“:   the one and only character, who is really competent to talk about quality of furniture, because he spends most time around.
We used the two days shoot to create all necessary campaign assets for print, website and Social Media..
And with the spontaneous shoot of „Hypnose“ and „Fireworks“ we brought flexible sales communication to a new level.

Sales with fireworks

Sales with hypnosis

2018: Coming home

It all started with a dedicated song, produced and performed by young artist JoCilia. Based on this song, we created unique habitats for the different target groups. The modular structure of the film itself enabled us to produce short cutdown versions for targeted use.

2017: „hooome“

The task: Get people to buy furniture online, show the easiness, make the brand recognizable.
Our entry-point was not the big re-do but small, simple accents one can start with. Grounded in this, we established the creative concept of simplicity: the simplicity of redecorating, the simplicity of finding and buying it online, the simplicity of the  buying process, the simplicity of feeling at home. Finally, we linked this message with a strong brand recognition feature, that works in all media.
The shoot was scheduled as a fully integrated asset production.