It is easy to explain what the innovation group of the S-Finanzgruppe is doing.
But it is more valuable and touching to show methods and motivation of the people working there.
So we created the image film for the S-Hub as a character-study of the team.
By combining the results of a one day shoot with stock material and motion graphics, we managed to originate the unique atmosphere of the S-Hub – and established an recognizable content identity  for all communication causes.

Product Discovery videos: For stakeholders and innovation committees:

The best way to convince investors is to explain products and services the „S-Hub-style“: With short tutorial videos, that show need and solution in an entertaining and easy to understand way.

The recruiting film: Fishing for trainees

In cooperation with Hamburger Sparkasse: Recruiting by joking about stereotypes.

Thanks to funny stock material, cool trainees and the new designed Haspa lounge

For testers and customers: MOVE

Real advertising: A „tutorial commercial“, that motivates people to become member of the S-Hub test program for new products and services.